How to protect the wildlife in a wooded area

The United States Forest Service (USFS) has launched a nationwide campaign to protect wildlife habitat.

On Thursday, USFS Director Michael Reisman said the agency was deploying “the largest effort” in history to protect land that could be a “significant habitat” for a wide range of species.

The effort will involve the establishment of a “wilderness corridor” to encourage logging in forests and preserve open spaces, Reisman told a news conference.

“We’re going to work in partnership with people in these forests, who have been fighting for a long time to preserve their habitat, and to protect their wildlife,” Reisman added.

“The wilderness corridor will provide a safe, secure and sustainable place to hunt, fish, hike and camp.”

In order to preserve open space, USFWS has designated about 2.4 million acres of forest in the US as wilderness.

Reisman also announced plans to reduce logging on federal lands, which currently stand at about 5 million acres.

The USFS said that it will provide more than $1 billion in financial assistance for logging and forest management projects across the country, and would support more than 200,000 employees.

“It’s important to remember that we are a nation of hunters, trappers and anglers,” Reisner said.

“They are our family.”

Reisman said that the USFS is already working with the federal government to reduce the impact of logging on wildlife habitats.

He said the US Forest Service has created a wildlife corridor for the state of Oregon to “improve and preserve our national parks and wildlife habitat”.

Reisman made the announcement while addressing a news briefing in New York City.

The Forest Service will also develop a plan to increase logging on federally-owned land, he said.

The National Parks Conservation Association, which represents more than 4 million US forestlands, has also been lobbying to keep logging in federal lands.

Reiston has said that USFS was committed to ensuring that federal lands could be used to support conservation efforts.

He also said that logging on public lands was no longer a priority, as there was a lot of land in the country that was being cleared to make way for development.US Forest Service chief executive, Bob Gershman, said the forest service’s goal was to conserve habitat, promote sustainable hunting and fishing and protect wildlife.

“Today, the US Forestry Service is stepping up to help protect wildlife habitats that are critical to the country’s natural and cultural resources,” Gersham said.