‘The best meaty barbecue on the planet’: Timber Creek opens in Canada

“We started the whole process by saying, ‘Can you imagine if we had a bar in the middle of Toronto that served steak and ribs?’,” he said.

“And then we said, ‘No, no, no.

We need to do this from scratch.'”

The bar is in a space that has historically been used for barbecue, and that was the perfect place to showcase that.

And then we got the financing and it just happened.

I’m a believer in the concept.

“Trying a new meat-centric concept can be a difficult, if not impossible, proposition.

Many barbecues don’t have the resources to offer the quality meats that they do, and they also don’t necessarily have the time to get the perfect balance of flavours.

So, when they do succeed, they often fail to live up to expectations.

But Timber Creek isn’t just another meaty BBQ spot in Canada.

It’s also one of the first to offer an entirely vegetarian option, which is something not all barbecue joints can claim.

And it’s one of just a few to do so.”

As far as meat-free BBQ goes, Timber Creek is the first one to offer a vegetarian option. “

You just can’t do that.”

As far as meat-free BBQ goes, Timber Creek is the first one to offer a vegetarian option.

And with its vegetarian option the restaurant has already opened a second location in the area in 2017.

“We have an open kitchen, so we can just do the kitchen for a little while, and then we’ll have a butcher who can make us all the meats,” said Bell.

For Timber Creek’s co-founders, it’s a way of opening a new menu to cater to the vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diners.

“If there’s people who can’t eat meat, or are vegan or have celiac disease, then there’s an option out there for them,” said Steve Dallimore, CEO of Dallire’s Smokehouse, another small- and medium-scale meat-based restaurant chain.

“We’re going after the meat-eaters, and the people who want to try something different.

And we want to serve that in a way that’s welcoming and delicious.”

While many Canadian restaurants have recently tried to open vegetarian-friendly places, there are a number of issues with catering to a particular diet.

“There’s a certain amount of research that needs to be done to understand what the impact of a vegetarian menu is going to have on the population of people that might be trying to consume vegetarian food,” said Dallifer.

“But for us, it is not a concern because we know what it takes to make it right.”

For Dalliamens Smokehouse in Vancouver, the problem is not only the fact that vegetarians are a minority.

There are also health issues with the food, and there is also a stigma associated with the term vegetarian.

“I think the problem with the word vegetarian is that it’s been associated with a specific lifestyle, and we’re trying to get away from that,” said co-owner Timmy O’Connor.

“It’s not something that people necessarily want to associate with their identity.

We’re not a meat-only restaurant, we’re a food that’s a lot more balanced, with lots of different things that are delicious.”

Dallimore says that while the vegetarian-oriented restaurant is a way to open up a menu that is inclusive to a variety of dietary options, he is also aware of the stigma associated in the vegetarian community.

But if they can, then we’re not going to force them to do it.””

If people can’t go for it, that’s OK, and hopefully it’s not a barrier to the people that we serve.

But if they can, then we’re not going to force them to do it.”

Timber Creek’s new location will open in 2019.

The new location also includes a new bar, a restaurant and a bar and grill, and all are open to the public.

For more information on Timber Creek and its restaurant, visit their website .