Trump praises timber creek retreat

Donald Trump praised the “courageous people” who were preparing to head to the logging camp in the mountains of Washington state and urged them to return home.

Trump’s remarks came at a press conference on Thursday in which he touted the timber industry in the Pacific Northwest as an example of American success.

“We are in a very proud position to be in Washington state,” Trump said.

The president made the comments on the day that the National Parks Service announced that timber sales would resume at the logging camps in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Forest.

In a press release Thursday, the NPS said that the logging operations were in the process of being dismantled and relocated to the remote region of Yakima, about 35 miles (57 kilometers) northeast of the capital of Spokane.

The agency said that at the time of the announcement, about 10,000 people had been relocated to Yakima and other remote areas of the Pacific Coast.

Some of those people were allowed to return to the area after spending time at the timber camps, but a larger number of people were not able to make the journey because of a “high number of adverse weather conditions,” the NPA said.