Why timber is a key to unlocking the next energy revolution

By: Andrew Harnett, Fox News Staff WriterIn an effort to make sure every home and business gets access to energy from the wind and solar, one state in the U.S. is taking a new step.

The U.K. has enacted a new energy policy that could help bring about a major shift in the nation’s energy future.

The new policy requires homeowners to purchase their own electricity, and it would require utilities to build wind and other renewable energy projects.

It would also mandate that companies provide electricity to all homes and businesses in their region.

Under the new policy, utilities would be required to purchase energy from natural gas and wind and the rest of the energy they generate.

Under the old system, they were required to use coal and gas.

The move to renewable energy is a major step toward meeting climate change and will likely lead to higher rates for utility customers.

The U.k. currently has about 5,500 megawatts of renewable power installed.

The new policy would make it more than double that.

In the U, the new energy strategy would also require the British government to invest more in the energy sector and create more jobs.

The country has about 3.7 million jobs, and the government has been investing $2.5 billion in renewable energy since 2008.

The policy has already been approved by Parliament.

A government committee will study it next month.

The government has also released its draft environmental assessment.