Landlord: Timber Creek apartments will include ‘a community of community’

Next Big Futures has learned that Timber Creek Apartments will feature a “community of community” with “a mix of people living and working on the same lot” and that they will be “fully self-contained, with a communal kitchen and living room with separate living area and laundry.”

This “social hub” will have a “large living room” and “shared kitchen with two small kitchens and a small living area with two shared bathrooms,” and will also feature “an open courtyard and a landscaped park with trees.”

The community will also include a “living room and laundry room,” and there will be a “shower room and a shared bathroom.”

The Timber Creek community will include a gym and a “bundled yoga studio.”

According to Next Big, the development will be designed by the Portland-based architects, who previously designed The Timber Creek, a luxury apartment building in Los Angeles that was completed in 2017.

The building was designed by The Coop Group and features a pool and an outdoor pool.

The development is located in the Pacific Northwest, a region known for its dense urban development.

A new Timber Creek development in the United Kingdom will be constructed on the site of a former British coal mine.

The site has been vacant since the mine closed in 2005.