‘Sudden Death’ is the name of the game at a timber lodge

The mysterious death of a young timber lodge employee in New Zealand has reignited the debate over how dangerous logging is in Australia and New Zealand.

The man, who was last seen alive on a log on a remote island, is believed to have died on Christmas Day after suffering from respiratory problems.

His body has been found in a shallow grave and has been identified as that of 20-year-old Jason Rauh.

The revelation has reignite the debate around the health and environmental risks of logging in the world’s most important forest.

“It’s very sad and tragic,” Australian National University forestry expert Dr Paul Smith told ABC Radio’s AM program on Sunday.

“The fact that he was killed by a logging company in the wild is really tragic.”

Smith, who has been involved in a number of investigations into the logging industry, said there was no evidence to suggest Rauch had been the victim of foul play.

“I think we have to be very cautious about putting too much emphasis on the cause of death of Jason Raux,” he said.

“There are very few cases of death in Australia of people who are being killed by logging in Australia.”

You have to have a good understanding of the environment you’re working with.””

A lot of people, if they have been in the logging area for longer than a couple of years, have suffered from the respiratory issues.

“If you have a person who’s been working in the forestry industry for that long and has suffered respiratory issues, that’s when it is time to look at whether it is a case of foul Play or not.”‘

This was a great day’The man’s family, who did not want to be identified, said they were “deeply saddened and devastated”.

“We can only imagine the grief that this has caused his family, and we know this is not the first time this has happened,” they said in a statement.

“Jason’s death has taken our family by shock and it has left us in mourning.”

The death of Rauhl was not previously known to the public.

“He was a lovely, caring young man who loved his job and his community,” a family member told ABC radio on Saturday.

“We are devastated to hear the news of his death.

He was an incredibly kind, gentle and caring young person.”

The family said Jason had been working for timber firm Logwood Australia in the northern New South Wales town of Whakatane for about a year.

“As a young man he had worked as a forestry contractor, and he was a good friend to all of us,” the family said.

“He was loved by everyone.”

The Rauhs’ family has been contacted by Australian authorities and is awaiting information from the forestry company.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason’s family and friends,” Logwood’s CEO said in an email to ABC radio.