Timber Creek apartment building, located in Timber Creek, Oregon, gets new owner

Timber Creek apartments, located on the edge of the Timber Creek Gorge, in the Oregon timber country, will get a new owner after being purchased by the owners of an Oregon timber frame homes.

The owners, John and Cindy Zimmerman, are looking to convert the four-bedroom apartment building into a residential community, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Zimmers.

The new owners, who have lived in the property for about three years, will move into the complex with the new tenants.

The two Zimmers are also the owners and developers of the Woodland Forest Trail and the Timber Ridge Trail.

According to the statement, the new owners are eager to develop the timber frame community, as the Zimmers will not be able to continue their construction of the complex as it is now.

They will be moving into the new building in mid-April.

The Zimmers purchased the Timber Creek Apartments for $6,000 in 2015, and it was built in 2006.

The property, located near the intersection of Timber Creek Boulevard and Timber Creek Trail, is home to timber frame houses built in the early 1900s.

In 2017, the TimberCreek Trail and TimberCreeks trail network was closed due to a timber fence falling, killing four hikers.

Timber Creek Apartments will be closed until further notice until repairs can be made.

The project will be completed in 2018.

John and Cydzimmer Zimmermans will continue to maintain the property through the rehabilitation of the property and other projects in the community.

The Woodland and Timber Creeks trails will remain open until further notification.

Timber Crescents project is a community effort, and will include an annual trail closure for the timber framing project.

The Timber Creek Apartment Complex is located on Timber Creek Avenue between Timber Creek and Highway 17.

For more information on the Timber Mountain Trail, Timber Creek Trails, and Timber Crest Trail, visit the Timber Peak and Timber Trail Association of Oregon website.