Timber unity is a movie theater ride: Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly readers have been eagerly anticipating the Timber Unity movie theater attraction that will take over the AMC movie theater in downtown Atlanta.

That movie theater will serve as the movie theater for the new Timber Alliance.

The alliance is an umbrella group that will be responsible for running the theater, which will be a separate entity from the AMC theater.

There will be no theater for any movie on its own, though.

Timber Alliance members will be able to watch the movie and enjoy food and drinks at the theater.

They’ll be able see their favorite movies from the movies on the theater’s screen, and there will be some limited-edition merchandise.

The theater will also offer snacks, and some of the members will have special events at the movie theaters.

They can take advantage of the movie’s limited time at the theaters and the special screening time for movies that aren’t available on the screen.

The movie theater also will have a bar, lounge, and lounge lounge, but it’s unclear if there will even be any alcohol on site.

The bar is also likely to be closed for the movie.

The lounge is still slated to open in the spring, but there’s no word on when that will happen.

The AMC theater will still be open for any event, including special screenings.

Here’s a look at what the theater will look like once the movie is released: