Timberlake Primary School’s owner is considering legal action against the school’s former principal over a photo essay

The owner of Timberlake Elementary School says she is considering filing a class action lawsuit against the former principal of the school in response to the school district’s decision to not renew the principal’s contract.

Timberlake Elementary principal Mary Lynn McElroy said she was notified of the decision in February and that she had until June to either accept or decline the offer of a new contract.

McElry said she would not be renewing her contract and has been in contact with the district since.

She also said she does not believe her current position will be affected by the district’s termination.

But she said the board’s decision in December to not allow McElrie to be a part of a class with other teachers was not based on the photo essay and instead based on a conflict of interest issue.

She said the district did not offer her the position for which she was offered and that it was not clear to her whether the board had considered other factors when it decided not to renew her contract.

McElroy, who has taught at the school since 2012, has had her contract renewed since February, but she said she will not be teaching again in 2019.

McEnroe School Superintendent John Kagan said in a statement that the district was made aware of the situation and will take a look at all options in the future.