When a woman gets a hold of manolo blahniks timbs

A couple is getting ready to make their very own manolo bahnik timbs — a man and a woman.

Timbersmiths in Michigan and Arizona have already been selling the timbs to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association, and the couple in the picture above says the man has already received one.

Timberline in Arizona says it has received more than 100 orders.

It is not clear how many of those are for the man.

The couple is hoping to buy about 10,000.

The timbs come with an 18-inch wooden frame that is also covered in moss.

They are available in two different finishes, black and gray, but you can customize them.

The couple say they have made the timbers from recycled lumber and that they would like to eventually sell them to people.

Timbsmiths is not the only company to try and raise money from manolos.

The National Geographic Channel recently made a short film about the project.