When Elmwood reclaimed a timber yard in Idaho, the rest of the world couldn’t help but notice

Posted March 18, 2021 18:00:10The word “reclaimed” is an understatement when it comes to Elmwood’s reclamation project, which has been praised for its quality, sustainability, and value.

The lumber company has been in the timber business for nearly half a century, and the company is a major player in the U.S. timber industry, but it’s its reclamation projects in Idaho and Wyoming that are garnering the most attention.

Elmwood’s project in Elkhorn, Idaho, includes about 1,000 trees, the majority of which are from an old timber mill that was demolished in the early 20th century.

These were then removed from the land by the mill, which was built to make lumber for the mill’s new building, the Elmwood Building Company.

The company had originally planned to cut down about 4,000 acres in the area, but the mill owner passed away in 2012, so the timber project was put on hold.

After several years of work by local officials, the land was re-purposed for forestry, and now the company has reclaimed about 1.5 million acres of trees.

The company’s reclaimed trees are used for lumber, and they also produce a large amount of carbon-free timber.

It all started when a group of Elmwood workers and local farmers approached the company in 2014 about buying some of the timber they’d removed from a neighboring property.

The workers, who were members of the Elmwoods Association, were happy to give the company a shot.

They didn’t want to buy timber from a company that had taken out trees from their property.

And, in fact, the farmers were skeptical.

But Elmwood wasn’t interested.

In fact, they said, the company had no idea what it was doing, according to an interview with the company’s CEO, Michael Gebberson.

When they were told the company was in the lumber business, they immediately jumped at the opportunity, said Gebbrson.

The next thing they knew, they had trees planted in their own fields.

Gebbberson told Axios he didn’t think the farmers had any reason to doubt the company.

The land was already a great source of timber for the Elmhurst Industrial Park, where the Elmridge Mill once stood.

The farmers were excited to be able to start using the trees for the park’s wood, and so were the workers.

While the land is now used for the town’s wood harvesting, it also has been used for a range of uses. “

We’ve never had to deal with timber companies before, and this is a huge opportunity for us.”

While the land is now used for the town’s wood harvesting, it also has been used for a range of uses.

It’s used for insulation in homes and for fire-proofing and building materials.

It also serves as an environmental corridor in the region.

As of 2017, about 1 million acres in Idaho had been logged in the forestry industry, and about 7,500 acres were being logged in Wyoming.

The timber mill had been closed for several years, and its owners had been struggling with debt.

In December of that year, they sold the mill to a group that also includes the owner of a lumber mill in the same town.

The purchase price for the timber mill was just under $1 billion, but when the sale was completed, the purchase price was just shy of $3.5 billion.

Gebberson said the money raised from the sale went into paying off debt, but there was also a $400 million loan from the U and O Treasury Department to cover the debt.

It was a loan that, when fully repaid, the timber company could be on its feet, he said.

Gibberson said he’s confident the new owners will continue to take the time to care for the land and its timber.

They’re very focused on it and very excited to do it.