Minecraft timber mod adds new trees for trees

Minecraft has made it a habit of adding new trees to the game.

So, when I heard about a mod that added a few new ones, I jumped on board.

Now, this mod adds some new trees.

It looks like they are native to Minecraft.

But, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell it’s not.

The mod has been downloaded nearly 7,000 times on YouTube.

It is currently only available in English, but I’ve added it to German.

This mod adds the following trees to Minecraft:1) Wood, 3D wood, 2D wood2) Sap, tree sap, tree trunks3) Tree branches4) Lava, tree lava, tree rocks, tree blocks5) Stone, Stone wall, Stone floor6) Diamond, stone, stone wall7) Oak, oak, oak floor8) Blueberry, Blueberry wall, Blueberries floor9) Pumpkin, Pumpkin wall, Pumpkin floors10) Chocolate, chocolate wall, Chocolate floor11) Sugar, sugar wall, Sugar floor12) Sugar cane, sugar cane wall, Cocoa wall13) Apple, apple, apple floor14) Orange, orange, orange floor15) Purple, purple, purple floor16) Yellow, yellow, yellow floor17) Purple sugar cane, purple sugar cane floor18) Chocolate sugar cane 19) Choco sugar cane20) Chocolate milk, chocolate milk, choco milk21) Chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream22) Chocolate candy, chocolate candy, choc ice cream23) Chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chocolat cake24) Chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake25) Chocolate watermelon, chocolate watermelon 26) Chocolate cookies, chocolate cookies, chock-a-cookie cookie27) Chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles28) Chocolate chocolates, chocolate chocolaters29) Chocolate candies, chocolate candies30) Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes31) Chocolate cakes, chocolate cakes, chocked cake32) Chocolate frosting, chocolate frosting33) Chocolate marshmallow, chocolate marshmallow34) Chocolate lollipops, chocolate lollips, chow chow lollipop35) Chocolate mocha, chocolate mochas, chocolate chocolate mousse36) Chocolate mint, chocolate mint, chalky mint37) Chocolate snow, chocolate snow, chunky snow38) Chocolate pecan, chocolate pecans, chippy pecan39) Chocolate chip cookies, chips, chips40) Chocolate taffy, chocolate taffys, chiffon taffity41) Chocolate truffles, chaffon trufflers, chifo truffle42) Chocolate peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, chia butter43) Chocolate brownie, brownies, brownie cupcakes44) Chocolate chocolate chip cookies45) Chocolate buttercream, chocolate buttercreams, chipped buttercream46) Chocolate gummy bears, gummy bear cookies47) Chocolate strawberry cookies, strawberry cookies48) Chocolate pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cookies49) Chocolate popcorn, popcorn cookies, popcorn cookie50) Chocolate banana cookies, banana cookies51) Chocolate oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cookie52) Chocolate berry cookies, berry cookie cookies53) Chocolate cocoa powder, cocoa powder cookies54) Chocolate coconut cream, coconut cream cookies55) Chocolate vanilla bean cookies, vanilla bean cookie56) Chocolate lemon cookie, lemon cookies57) Chocolate cream cheese, cream cheese cookies58) Chocolate cheese sauce, cheese sauce cookies59) Chocolate raspberry sauce, raspberry sauce cookies60) Chocolate cheesecake, cheesecake cookies61) Chocolate graham cracker, graham crumbs, grahm crackers62) Chocolate creme brulee, creme brûlée, cremes63) Chocolate fudge, fudge cookies64) Chocolate sponge cake, sponge cake cookies65) Chocolate scones, scones cookies66) Chocolate corn, corn cookie67) Chocolate carrot cake, carrot cake cookies68) Chocolate apple pie, apple pie cookies69) Chocolate egg sandwich, egg sandwiches70) Chocolate cinnamon rolls, cinnamon rolls cookies71) Chocolate gingerbread cookies, gingerbread cookie cookies72) Chocolate macaroons, macaroones cookies73) Chocolate jelly beans, jelly beans cookies74) Chocolate pretzels, pretzles cookies75) Chocolate pancakes, pancakes cookies76) Chocolate bread, bread cookies77) Chocolate muffins, muffins cookies78) Chocolate bar, bar cookies79) Chocolate cookie cake, cookie cakes80) Chocolate croissant, croissants cookies81) Chocolate danish chocolate, Danish chocolate cookies82) Chocolate coffee, coffee cookies83) Chocolate waffles, waffles cookies84) Chocolate biscuits, biscuits cookies85) Chocolate cobbler, cobblers cookies86) Chocolate santa, santa cookies87) Chocolate walnut, walnuts cookies88) Chocolate caramel, caramel cookies89) Chocolate white chocolate, white chocolate cookies90) Chocolate green, green chocolate, green cookies