New building opens to new timber lodge residents

The Woodlodge has officially opened to the new timber frame house residents of its former timber lodge apartment blocks.

The new apartment block, which is located on the site of the former timber frame building, will be a home to the residents of the Woodlouse, which was built in the late 1800s and closed in the 1960s.

The Woodloused were also a popular destination for those wanting to enjoy a walk along the River Dee and to catch a glimpse of the rolling hills and rolling countryside.

They also provided accommodation for the local community of Tameside, who had a long and happy history with the Woodland Park Trust, the body that runs the Woodlands.

A series of works were carried out on the Woodlot by architect Graham Edwards to create the building which, while still being a timber frame, is designed to incorporate timber and stone.

In recent years, the building has attracted a number of people to its timber frame heritage, and many have visited the Woodmills, to admire its stunning design and historic architecture.

But there is more to the building than the design and architecture, according to the Woodmill Trust.

The building is being used as a timber lodge by the residents, who will live in a converted timber house.

The owners of the property are now planning a series of renovations on the building, and are keen to use the structure as a base for a new timber house and cottage, which will include an office building and kitchen.

The residents are planning to use an area of the building to build a new home and cottage as well as a new office and dining area. 

The Woodlot was originally built in 1896 by John Coote, and later opened by William Pottier in 1910.

The site was sold to a timber company in 1973 and a timber mill in 1988.

The old building, which stood on the former site of a timber factory, was subsequently turned into a timber farm.

The timber mill, which still has its mill, is being demolished, and is being sold to the Tamesides Forestry Trust for £1.5m.

The Trust will also be able to use part of the timber mill to refurbish the property.

The trust has asked for £2.6m from the community to help renovate the building and make it a timber house for the new residents, and the owners have said they are committed to the timber farm project.

The woodlouse has been on the market for over a year, and was available for an initial bid of £10,000. 

A previous bid from a local businessman was worth £7,000 and was subsequently withdrawn.

A new timber farm is being built in Woodlose in partnership with the Tomside Forestry Trust.