Timber vs. lumber: Who wins?

The US lumber industry is facing a crisis of confidence.

With demand for lumber growing at the fastest pace in history, and the global lumber industry struggling to find enough trees to meet the demands of its growing population, the US lumber trade is in trouble.

The US saw a steep drop in the number of lumber mills in 2013, and now only a handful of mills still exist in the country.

These mills, often operated by American-owned companies, were once a major source of jobs in the region.

Now, however, many of them are simply run by foreign investors looking to profit from a downturn in demand.

The American timber industry has suffered through many years of economic downturn, including a massive downturn in the mid-2000s.

Now the global boom in lumber exports has caused the industry to face a crisis, and in many cases, it’s been in deep trouble.

What can we do about it?

If you’re a local, local person, you might have a few options: Stop using wood from lumber mills to build your home, or stop using wood in your yard.