When is the next forest fire?

A fire that burned through timberlands in central Florida on Thursday, killing two people and injuring dozens more, was the deadliest in decades.

Authorities said the blaze in Timber Lakes was started by a person and contained to one dwelling.

Firefighters said they were trying to bring the fire under control.

A massive inferno had consumed about 100 acres of the forest at the end of the week.

The fire has charred the forest for more than a year, but the cause remains under investigation.

The Florida Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry said in a statement that they are working to determine the cause of the fire and to find additional homes for those displaced by the blaze.

The fires in the area were sparked by a wildfire that broke out in November, killing four people and burning about 200 acres.

It is still unclear what sparked the fire, but it’s unclear how the people died.