When the bikers are back: Bikers return to Inglewood after winter hiatus

Bikers have returned to Ingletown for the first time since last summer, after a long hiatus that saw them in San Diego, California, during the World Cup.

Bikers made their first visit to Inglertown on Tuesday, riding their bikes up to the Inglewoods Historic Park.

They were joined by volunteers who have helped with maintenance, food and other activities.

It was a “really cool event, a real honor,” said Steve Rittger, president of the Inglwood Business Improvement District.

Bike tours and food stands were also open.

“They’re doing it for the people,” Rittg said.

“I’m really proud of the way we’re doing this.”

A small group of about 15 bikers was on a recent tour to the nearby Ingle Oaks Apartments.

The building, which once housed a horse-racing track, was purchased by the city of Inglebrook in January and has been undergoing restoration work for years.

A sign for the Ingletwood Historic Park reads, “The Ingle Woods Apartments are a family-owned business that is proud to be home to the first-ever Ingle Springs Bicycling Club.”

The area also has a history of bicyclists, with the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee creating a “bicycling network map” that highlights the biking facilities in the area.

Biking trails and parking are open for the day, but it is advised to wear a helmet.