The best crypto currencies and blockchain tokens for 2016

Crypto currencies are one of the fastest growing asset classes and are now taking on more and more importance as a hedge against inflation and deflationary pressure.

With the rise of the ICO boom, a number of cryptocurrency investors are now using their own money to invest in blockchain tokens and ICOs, such as ether, and even buy their own tokens.

This article looks at some of the best crypto-backed assets out there and shows you how to trade your own crypto for them.

Crypto-backed securities and tokens have been around since the mid-2000s, but there have been some notable changes in recent years.

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, there have seen a growing number of companies creating blockchain assets, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, and NEO.

In the past year, several ICOs have emerged to capitalize on these altcoins and token sales have grown in popularity.

Many of these ICOs are currently being conducted in China, with several being launched in 2017 alone.

The most popular ICO for 2018 is called Eureka and aims to bring more investors into crypto-currencies by offering an ICO for the creation of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

The ICO is currently running for six weeks with the goal of raising $100 million.

EureKA has a goal of offering $100 billion worth of tokens by 2020, but a new investor can join the project if they wish.

The token sale will last through December.

EureKA will launch its token sale at a time when many investors are looking for ways to get into crypto and to get an early taste of a potentially great investment.

This is in part because the cryptocurrency industry is in the midst of a boom and many investors have already invested.

In fact, according to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of crypto-assets is estimated at over $2.6 trillion.

Investors can sign up for the EureKa token sale and then start trading by December.

Here are a few ICOs that have already raised $100M+ in 2018:The Ethereum Classic ICO is also expected to launch in 2018.

This project aims to provide a way for individuals to use Ethereum Classic to fund their own ICOs.

The platform will launch on Dec. 3, but users can begin trading tokens by Jan. 7.

The launch of the ETC token will occur during the next month.

There is also a cryptocurrency called NEO, which aims to give holders a chance to gain a stake in the company and then trade the ERC20 tokens.

NEO will launch in 2019, but the platform will be closed to new ICOs at this time.

There is no word on when the NEO token will be available for trading.

The EureCoin token is the next cryptocurrency to join the crypto-trading scene.

The Eurecoin token is currently trading at a low price of $0.00022, but its price has risen significantly in recent weeks.

The project aims for a total of $5.5 billion in annual sales and a market cap of $20 billion.

Euromaidan is the second project to launch for 2018 and aims for $10 billion in sales by 2020.

The blockchain platform is a fork of Ethereum and aims at building a decentralized, open-source digital currency for the masses.

There are currently no ICOs planned for 2018.

The next blockchain-focused cryptocurrency to emerge is the NEO Token, which is designed to allow holders to receive a stake and trade ETC.

NEO Token is expected to debut in 2019 and is expected, at a minimum, to reach $1.5 trillion in annualized sales.