Timber Creek Grill in Indian Creek Grill is coming to Indian Creek, according to an update

Timber Creek, a small Montana town with just under 400 people, is one of the last remaining hot spots for outdoor dining.

According to a Facebook post from Timber Creek’s owner, Timbs, the eatery will soon be opening a new location in Indian Falls, Montana, with plans to open by early next year.

Timbs first announced plans for the restaurant in December 2015, and the town has been waiting since then for the company to open.

While Timbs’ other restaurants have been expanding across the state, Timber Creek has remained relatively small and the new location is the first Timber Creek grill to be open in a town of just over a hundred people.

Timbers original location in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is now owned by the owner of another nearby eatery, Blacktail Tavern, and is slated to be closed in the summer of 2019.

While Timber Creek hasn’t confirmed the name of the new Indian Creek location, the owner has previously hinted that it will be a place “where everyone can come and relax,” which could also explain the name.

Timings restaurant will feature a large outdoor patio and a bar that will offer an assortment of food from local businesses.

Timets’ menu will feature more than 100 items, including items from the local community and regional vendors, and Timbs is also looking to add more specialty items like smoked meats and artisanal cheeses.

The restaurant will also serve up to four meals per day, with the majority of the meals coming from local restaurants.

Timber Creek will be open from May 1 through November 10, and will offer reservations for lunch and dinner.

Timms Facebook post has since been deleted, but the owner shared an image of a menu that shows a number of items, and it’s likely that he shared that information to promote the restaurant.

Tim and his wife, Amy, bought Timber Creek in late 2015.

Amy and Tim have been looking to open a restaurant in Indian Springs, Montana for a while now, and have been waiting to get their plans in order.

It’s likely Timber Creek is just the start of a new adventure for the town of Timber Creek.

Earlier this year, Timber Lake’s restaurant was opened, and while that restaurant has since closed, Tims said he hopes to reopen Timber Creek as soon as possible.

Timber Lake is also one of just a handful of Indian Falls locations that has actually opened in the past decade, with other smaller communities opening restaurants there over the years.