Timber Kids Dental Surgeon Says He Wants to Help Black Families

Posted November 09, 2018 01:37:25Timber Kids dentistry surgeon says he wants to help black families.

Dr Dinesh Bhatti is a dentist in Hyderabad and is a member of the black community.

He has worked for the Timber Children’s Dentistry and Family Care Services, which provides health services for children from orphanages and foster homes.

Dr Bhattis grandfather and father had been working as dentists in Hyderampur, but were not allowed to practice.

He is now looking for an opportunity to work in the black communities.

“If I can help the black families, then I am willing to help anybody.

I will help the disabled, the mentally handicapped, the children,” he said.”

I am not a racist.

I don’t want to discriminate against any race.

If you are black, then you are my friend.

I am not trying to discriminate.”

Dr Bhati said that in his career, he has treated more than 1,100 children and families from orphanage to nursing home.

He said he is looking for opportunities to help other communities.

Dr Chirag Bhushan, a professor of dentistry at the Tata Memorial Institute, said it is crucial for dentists to provide good dental care to children, particularly in rural areas.

“Dentists are needed in rural India for providing primary care to people from rural areas, as well as for their dental work, so they should be seen as part of the community.

They have to do it in a way that is respectful and compassionate,” he told NDTV.

Dr Bhushans parents are from Rajasthan, but are not from the area where he works.

He told NDtv that he has worked in the region for the last five years.

Dr Kavita Chaudhary, the head of the state’s children’s dental department, said children of poor families need to get the care they need.

“Children need the dental care and rehabilitation services they can get from a professional dental doctor,” she said.

Dr Gauri Kumar, president of the association of primary healthcare professionals, said the profession needs to focus on the needs of children, especially those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

“There is an increasing need for dentistry to be integrated into the social fabric of the society and it has to be given a priority,” she told NDCTV.

“In the past, there was a need for people of lower social status to get dental care.

But the government and society did not allow for that,” she added.

Dr Kumar said the issue of poverty was being addressed through the government’s schemes and the government was also working to make dentistry a mainstream profession.