Timbs meme turns into real meme after prankster tweets ‘Timbs’

TIMBS is a meme on the internet, but now a meme has turned into a real thing.

In the past few days, a Reddit user named Timbs has made memes out of the real-life Timbs, a British television presenter, and an Australian politician.

A fake Timbs tweet says, “I am @thebritishtimes @thesun @theabc and I have no intention of going back.”

A tweet from the fake @TheSunTimbs claims, “Time to start making memes of Timbs.”

Timbs is not alone.

The British tabloid The Sun has a fake Timbss tweet.

An Australian blogger, the Australian Times, has one as well.

Some people who follow the Australian Prime Minister have also made their own memes out Timbs.

One of the tweets reads, “You will all be ashamed.”

And a Reddit poster, the Racketed Brit, made a video with the hashtag #TimbsMeme.

The hashtag has since become a popular social media trend.

“The memes have been very funny,” said Mark Schlesinger, a political scientist at the University of Auckland.

“I don’t think people realised that they could do something so bizarre.”

It was only recently that a Reddit community member realized that it could be done.

Timbs tweeted the real tweet about two days ago, which got thousands of likes.

He posted a screenshot of the tweet on his Twitter account.

But it’s been going viral since.

He now has more than 8,000 followers.

Timbbs tweeted, “This is the best moment ever!

My name is @ThesunTimbs and I’m from the Sun, not the Sun Times!”

He also tweeted, “@SunTimbbs I have to admit that the tweets are pretty funny.”

The fake Timms tweet has attracted more than 6,000 retweets, but the real Timbs isn’t buying it.

“If you have any kind of talent, then I would encourage you to try and make it real,” Timbs said.

“But I just want to show my friends.”

The Australian Prime Minster, Malcolm Turnbull, has also been posting fake tweets from his account on Twitter.

Turnbull has been retweeting the fake Tims tweet about 10 times, and his followers have been sending him fake Timbits.

Turnbull’s followers have also been tweeting about the fake tweet, calling it “fantastic.”

“@TheSunTommys Tweets have been amazing,” Turnbull wrote.

“Very talented!”

He later retweeted the fake timbits and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The real Timbys tweet about the same time was shared more than 200 times, according to Buzzfeed.

It has garnered more than 7,000 likes.

Timbos tweets have been retweeted more than 1.5 million times, Buzzfeed reported.

The memes are not just making a name for themselves.

“It’s just been great,” Timbos friend said.

But the memes are also showing off their social skills.

“What they have done is a very clever and clever way of showing that they can communicate,” Timbos friend said, noting that he’s already seen tweets by people who were just starting out and others that were already famous.

“They have created a very well known person who is a real person and has had their name and their profile created and that’s really really cool.”

It’s not just a good idea to make memes out to look like real things, but a good way to keep your followers happy.

“This has been really good for me, I’m going to keep tweeting them,” Timbies friend said as he took a selfie.

“Hopefully, they’ll love them.”

Timbts tweets have become a real viral sensation, with people tweeting about them and liking them.