What you need to know about the lumberwolf in Canada

CANADA — The first time the timber wolf was seen in British Columbia was in the late 1800s.

But it has since grown in numbers and has become a concern in the Lower Mainland.

The province’s forests are heavily logged and are being encroached upon by timber companies, causing the wolf to become a nuisance.

The Department of Forests said last month that about 2,000 acres of logging were taking place on the Lower Mackenzie River.

In the last six years, about 50 deer were killed in the area.

The department said there has been no confirmed wolf sighting since January.

The department said a number of hunters have reported seeing the wolf in the Mackenzie Valley and in the B.C. Interior.

The wildlife agency said in an email that its staff are working with landowners to try to get a permit to kill the wolf, which it said is illegal.