What you need to know about wildfires, wildfires: ‘I’m so scared’

A wildfire that’s raging across the western United States has destroyed nearly 10,000 acres, damaged more than 5,500 homes and killed at least 40 people.

Officials said the fire is now more than 20,000 acre-feet (2,600 cubic-feet) and that it’s likely to grow even larger in coming days.

It’s the largest fire in the history of the state of California and the fourth major wildfire that has destroyed homes and crops in the state since January.

The National Weather Service warned of “potential catastrophic” fire conditions as the wildfire burns.

It has been dubbed the “Wildfire of the Century” and is one of the deadliest in the country, with at least 11 deaths.

The blaze has burned for more than five days and destroyed more than 7,500 acres.

The fire has been fueled by a blizzard and heavy rains, which have been particularly harsh on the western half of the U.S. that’s already grappling with a severe drought.

The wildfire is just one of a number of natural disasters threatening the state and the nation.