An interview with Timbs outfit in the UK, in partnership with BBC News

A timber outfit in England is planning to build its first luxury apartment in a timber cabin in the north of Scotland.

Timbs is the world’s first timber house and is now in the process of opening a new timber cabin, the Woodmans cabin.

It is located on the south coast of Scotland, and is currently undergoing renovations, and will house its first two apartment units.

Timbers has teamed up with a British builder to build the timber cabin.

The building is expected to be completed in two years, according to the company.

Timers said the cabin would be open to the public, and the timber house is expected in 2019.

Timber Run is a timber estate in the Scottish Highlands, near the mouth of the River Clyde.

It is home to the largest timber-based timber company in the world, Timber Run.

Timbins outfit said it has had an interest in timber cabin development for some time, and has been working with the British company, which is based in the Highlands, to build it.

Timbos cabin will have an opening in 2019, and timber run plans to open its timber cabin on the Clyde.